Security Systems are one of the many essential tools in the fight against crime, in particular burglary, theft and robbery. Academic research shows that intruder alarms do reduce burglaries. 

The Police Security Systems Policy is a public document designed to give details of police response and the requirements for the private security industry involved in providing the installation, maintenance and monitoring of such systems. 

The objectives of the policy can be summarised as follows:

  • To reduce the number of false calls passed to the police
  • To provide an immediate police response to compliant security systems
  • To provide guidance to the public and security companies on police response to non-compliant systems
  • To place responsibility for compliance with the policy on a UKAS (United Kingdom Accreditation Service) accredited certification body. Enforcement of standards is not a police function
  • To achieve a unified approach to the administration process

pdfSecurity Systems Policy 2018
docxSecurity Systems Policy Appendix B 2018
docxSecurity Systems Policy Appendix C 2018
docSecurity Systems Policy Appendix F 2018
docxSecurity Systems Policy Appendix F Annexe A 2018 docxSecurity Systems Policy Appendix F Annexe B 2018
docxSecurity Systems Policy Appendix G 2018


Advice to installers 

Installers who wish to be compliant with police forces in order to install, maintain and monitor security systems for police response must:

First of all be certified in accordance with the policy by a certification body accredited by UKAS. Details of such bodies can be found in Appendix ‘H’ of the Security Systems Policy 2018.

When accredited, the security company needs to apply to the home force where its principal operating/registered office is based requesting to be placed on that force’s compliant list of companies. The letter of application must be accompanied with Appendix ‘B’ and Appendix ‘C’ of the policy.

Once a company has been accepted by their home force, they can then request, in writing, to be placed on the compliant list of any other force (resubmitting Appendix ‘B’).